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With over 20 years of experience, gold and platinum awards and credits on multiple top releases, Kog can assist all styles, projects and budgets. Here are a few services we offer and check the latest album projects out here.
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Recording Mixing Mastering Studio Auckland

One thing that we do have over most studios is an in-house vocal producer. Huia is a qualified experienced engineer as she is a voice-over artist and singer. Huia is also experienced in Melodyne and editing, as well as vocal guidance and voice technique. We do Voice Overs, Sound Post, name we've probably done it. We have hourly and daily rates for this, also a host of production music available if you need music composition.

Recording Studio Auckland

What is mixing? For those venturing into the recording process, mixing is like 'placing' the sounds you have recorded into the right 'space' for the song to take on the right 'feel'...sound abstract? It is, but such an enjoyable and beautiful part of the process, you'll hear things you didn't expect from the recording. With Kog's fancy gear,

it comes to life and gets ready for the mastering process.

Recording Studio Auckland

We have written a lot of music in our time...whether for ads on TV or radio, back tracks, stonking drum and bass or acoustic ditties, we are both writers and have access to some of the BEST in the business. We also do FASHION music and compilations for people such as Andrea Moore and corporate speeches.

Recording Studio Auckland

Here at Kog we have extensive experience in audio restoration. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we've saved for people over the years! Whether it's your bands old tapes, records or DAT tapes from the 1980's, a family recording off cassette or reel to reel from ancient history or...if you are needing to get all CSI Miami on it for your law firm we've helped out on it all. We utilise the latest fancy audio restoration software plus can also tag in our top of the line mastering gear to up the quality to the best possible, whatever your need.


Give us an email or call to discuss the possibilities and options.


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