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We have been lucky enough to have credits on lots of inspiring music projects.
We work with all styles, all artists from independents to major labels all over the globe. Check out our socials for the latest updates!
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2021 - Click HERE to check out the latest clients we have worked with.

Vodafone NZ Music Awards

Rei - Hoea

Dixon Nacey - Best Jazzx Album [Mastering]

Captain Festus McBoyle - Finalist Best Children's Album [Mastering]

Delaney Davidson & Barry Saunders - Winner Best Country Album [Mastering]
Tami Neilson - Winner Best Country Song [Mastering]

Katie Thompson - Finalist Best Country Album [Mastering]

Kendall Elise - Finalist Best Country Album [Mastering]

Vodafone NZ Music Awards

SWIDT - Winner Best Hip-Hop Group [Mastering - some vocal mixing]

Troy Kingi - Winner Best Soul/RnB Artist [Mastering]

Upper Hutt Posse - NZ Music Hall of Fame Inductees [Mix/Mastering]

Marlon Williams - Winner - Video 'Vampire Again' [Mastering]
Tami Neilson – Sassafrass! - Finalist Album of the Year [Mastering]

Sons Of Zion – ‘Drift Away’ Finalist Single of the Year [Mastering]

Tami Neilson – Sassafrass! - Finalist Best Solo Artist [Mastering]

Troy Kingi - Winner Best Māori Artist [Mastering]

Sons of Zion - Winner Roots Artist [Mastering]

Tomorrow People - Finalist Best Roots Artist [Mastering]

Skinny Hobos - Finalist Best Rock Artist [Mastering]

Kane Adams - Finalist Best Worship Artist [Mastering]

Chris Chetland – Finalist Best Engineer [Rangatira (Rei) - Mix/Master]

SWIDT – Stoneyhunga - Finalist Best Pacific Music Album [Mastering - some vocal mixing]

Moe & Friends – The Moe Album - Finalist - Best Children’s Artist [Mastering]

Waiata Māori Music Awards

Troy Kingi - Winner Best Māori Pop Album [Mastering]

Tomorrow People – BBQ Reggae - Winner Best Roots, Reggae [Mastering]

Seth Haapu – New Wave - Winner Best Māori Songwriter [Mastering]

Ria Hall - Winner Best Māori Female Solo Artist [Mastering - Mixed one track]

Huia - Finalist Best Māori Female Solo Artist [Mix and Mastering]

Sandy Mill - Finalist Best Māori Female Solo Artist [Mastering]'

Troy Kingi - Finalist Best Māori Male Solo Artist

Seth Haapu - Finalist Best Māori Male Solo Artist

Rei - Finalist Best Māori Traditional Album Te Reo Māori

Rei - Finalist Best Māori Urban Rap/Hip Hop/RnB Album

Ria Hall - Finalist Best Roots, Reggae [Mastering - Mixed one track]

Taite Music Award - Jakob 'Sines' (Analogue  Mix and Master)

Kog are the NZ Record Holder - Most weeks for a single at #1

(Scribe - Stand Up / Not Many - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)

Waiata Māori Music awards 2014 and 2013 - Credits for Mastering or Mixing of

10+ winners of categories (incl for Rob Ruha, JGeeks, Maisey Rika, Pieter T, Toni Huata)

Waiata Māori Music awards 2012, 2013, 2014 - Credits for Mastering and mixing Best Urban album 

Waiata Māori Music awards 2011 - Credits for Mastering and mixing Best Urban album winner

Waiata Māori Music awards 2008 - Mastering - Ruia - Tekau ma Rua - Rua Tekau ma Wha best

Māori Pop album

Pieter T - My Baby - Mix/Mastering - Gold

Savage - Moonshone album - Mastering - Gold 

Scribe - The Crusader - Mix/Mastering- 5x Platinum NZ , 2x Platinum Aus 

P Money - Big Things - Mix/Mastering - Platinum

Concord Dawn- Disturbance - Best electronic album, Best independent release - B.Net music awards

Shapeshifter - Realtime - Best electronic album - B.Net music awards

Micronism - Inside a Quiet Mind - Best Electronic album - B.Net Music awards

Top 40 Chart Placements Include -

AHoriBuzz - Into The Sunshine EP

Jakob - Sines Album

Pieter T - My Baby Single

Maisey Rika - Tohu Album

Shepherds of Cassini - Helios Foresaken

Sons of Zion - Universal Love

JGeeks - Maori Boy Single

Kids of 88 - Modern Love Album

Scribe - The Crusader Album

Shapeshifter - Real Time Album

Savage - Moonshine Album

Starboy - Eternity Single

Lisa Crawley - All In My Head Album

Baitercell - The Wall Of Bass Technique

Beau Monga - Beau Monga Album

Starboy - Eternity

Looking For Alaska

Acts we've done stuff for include - (* = chart placement)

Jakob*, Sons of Zion*, Nadia Reid*, I Am Giant*, Beau Monga*,  JGeeks*, Kiri Te Kanawa*, Kids of 88*, Leisure*, Pitch Black*, The Nomad, The Impending Adorations, Tiki Taane*, Tapz*, Baynk*, Nika*, Fungi, Sons of Sofa, Rei, Tom Francis,  Table Fox, Nadia Reid, Cheshire Grimm, Tali*, Pieter T*, Shapeshifter*, TomFrancis*, D Love, Echo Beach, House of Shem, Benny Tipene*, Night Gaunts, Rackets*, Mihirangi, Kevin Mark Trail, Maisey Rika, Ivy Lies*, Tatou Tatou E, Steriogram*, A Hori Buzz*, Savage*, Deceptikonz*, Scribe*, P Money*, Concord Dawn*, Starboy*, Ruia, Baitercell*, Beach Pigs, Ciaran McMeeken, Huia, Cool Rainbows, Nga Tai, APRA, Play It Strange, Reality Chant, Messanjah, Katchafire*, Husk, Jason Eli, Totes, Jasmine Lee, Tiny Ruins*, Superfood, The Zoup, Wilderness Love, 71 Sunset, Imploder, The Datsuns*, Rare Shot Blue, The Kumpnee, Laura Hunter, Ladi6, Vince Harder*, Module, Charles Royal, Paddy Free, Pao, Pleaseplease, Raslea, Rosa Dub, Seth Haapu, Shepherds of Cassini, Sheree Waitoa, Transitone, Rhian Sheehan, The Burns, Te Ha, Yaw, Wagner Bros, Quarter Acre Lifestyle, River Jesters, Paul McLaney, Charles Royal, Pao, MC Ali, Lisa Crawley*, Glass Owls, Evan Silva, Rob Vegas, Kris Laal, Chingy, TBoz, Kittens of the internet, Surf City, The Doqument, Chong Nee*, KFC, Von Voin Strum, Tony Richards, Sweetmix Kids, Bright Child, BKidd, The Means, Loop compilations.

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