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Kog Studio is located in the beautiful Waitākere ranges,
please contact us for the street address.
+649 817 5322 or email - /
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Chris Chetland

(The Dark Art of Mastering Guru)

Chris started 'Kog' (formally Kog Transmissions) in the (what was) grungy street suburb of Kingsland.

Kog was an important independent label and launched some amazing acts such as Shapeshifter, Jakob, Pitch Black, P-Money, Scribe, Epsilon Blue, Conchord Dawn, Minuit, Chong-Nee, Huia, Pieter T and Baitercell to name a few. 

​Chris is the NZ record holder for weeks of a single at #1 on the charts and is known to create HUGE sounds as 'Baitercell'.

He also edits a Theoretical Biology journal and is known for his informative posts online to educate the population.


Huia has a background in music performance, engineering and marketing.

Her main studio role is to do with vocals, either as vocal producer, vocal tutor, voice over artist or studio engineering. Huia has a history of composing original music for ads, film or TV. She also works on Splore festival as well as being an award-winning singer songwriter and touring artist.

She also covers the marketing and PR of the studio and has her own company - Integrity Creative Ltd. //

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