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​We have a lot of experience recording everything - full bands, to strings sections, acoustic guitar songs, through to voice over and radio ads.

If you don't know where to start, give us a call as we specialise in helping you to strategise a plan to get that song made! We have helped numerous bands with absolutely no recording experience over the years, giving them advice as to where to start and also help with a realistic budget plan. 

Analog Stemming

The standard problem with recording and mixing analog though is that it can be a very costly process, especially if you are tight on budget. That's why we came up with a work around that can give you top quality analog feel, mixed through top quality monitors, without the usual costs.

Give your digital mixes the analog feel quickly and easily. As you are probably aware there is a good reason that the biggest and best studios have an extensive collection of analog gear, and that the biggest artists rely so heavily on analog gear.   Quite simply it sounds way better.  

Just like a photo is to real person, so a digital mix is to an analog mix.


Here's a before and after to check out.   Please note - these are before mastering, so sound even flasher after that. 

For our analogue stemming mixes it's as easy as you getting your mixes as good as you can get them on your system and studio and then bouncing out a series of stems that you bring to us.  We are happy to discuss options with you on what you might get best results from.


For example -

1 - Vocals

2 - Instrumental


or -

1 - Vocals

2 - Guitars

3 - Everything else


or -

1 - Kick

2 - Snare

3 - Rest of Drums/Percussions

4 - Cymbals

5 - Vocals

6 - Guitars

7 - Bass

8 - Synths/Keys


We can spend whatever time suits your budget on it, starting off from one hour just let us know what works for you.   From just adding in valve, transformer and opamp flavours, to tweaks with EQ and compression on some of the worlds best outboard gear to totally lock the mix in and take it to mastering with all the bells and whistles.

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