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Kog are highly experienced in the field of audio restoration and audio forensics.

Having helped  clients including the department of immigration, legal aid and independent legal firms with their cases we can help make the best of noisy recordings and work to obtain the clarity that is needed.

Kog also specialise in restoration of classic recordings for reissues, and have assisted in the restoration, mastering and breathing new life into many of NZ's classic albums and artists from the 50's to the 80's  [for example - Herbs, Peking Man, Dinah Lee, LittleJohn].   Often theoriginal record cuts from those times had substantial loss of quality from the original master tapes, and we have helped return this albums and songs back to how they sounded in the recording studio as intended by the band and engineers.

We are private and very confidential, so stay assured we will take all consideration in keeping your project private.


Audio restoration is the process of removing imperfections and noise in sound recordings.  Kog combines years of experience with a range of super fancy software to help get the cleanest and clearest audio possible. Whether a restoration of old vinyl records not currently available in digital format, old family tapes, field recordings for TV, or forensics work we have had our share of experience in bringing sound back to useable life.


Our biggest projects include the restoration of 40 of New Zealand's classic albums from the pre CD era that have previously been unavailable.   Artists such as Shona Laing, Sharon O'Neill, Farmyard and The Mockers. Some of these records were covered in mould and mildew! We did our best to capture these for the future.


This involves extensive cleaning and then sampling in the vinyl at HD quality, removing the clicks, the low-frequency rumble and noise that may have been introduced during the lacquer cutting or pressing and finally laying up the vinyl in correct current format for CD, HD releases and of course 'Mastered for iTunes' release.

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