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Kog Mastering were selected as the first New Zealand Mastering studio to provide music at the new higher quality ‘Mastered for iTunes’ standard.   Mastered for iTunes has now evolved into 'Apple Digital Master' [ADM] and we are happy to be experts in providing to that standard.

The ‘Apple Digital Master’ format delivers significantly better quality music for listeners, future proofing artists and label releases as the internet starts to allow the sale and download of higher quality music.   See below for a visual example.

Digital sales are rapidly increasing, and so you want to ensure it will sound the best it can where possible and maximise the sound on the platform.

Submitting tracks to iTunes in the past meant using the standard CD quality mastered track. This resulted in the music sounding less expansive, containing unwanted extra distortions and an all round lesser experience of the song for the audience.  

The ‘ADM’ process we are authorised to provide significantly helps put many of those problems in the past. It ensures that all tracks submitted ‘ADM’ ready is delivered as an optimal quality audio file for the downloading audience.  

With the audience preferring to digitally download their music, it is more important than ever to be able to create a higher quality master specifically for iTunes sales. Kog are honoured to be the first New Zealand mastering facility and one of a handful in the world to provide this premium service.

If you have any further questions about having your music ‘ADM’ feel free to contact:

Chris Chetland : / (09) 817 5322 / or


Here's why it makes a difference


You music starts off like this quality wise































Nice :)

​Apple Digital Master: Music as the Artist and Sound Engineer Intended.​​

If you are listening to your Music on iTunes, Apple Music and a range of other services you want to ensure that it sounds the best it can.


But if you dont get it set up the right way to go onto people's systems (i.e. using ADM convertor), it ends up something like this..


See the damage to the music at the top of the image below... and this is only on a broad view of the problem.




Below you can see how much better the quality is over standard encoding from a non ADM mastering convertor above. 


With the ADM encoding we keep your music sounding much closer to the highest quality original, i.e. as intended.

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